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April, 27th 2010


Now in my galleries all collection of badges but owing to failure of a computer has left a database with names of badges, therefore there is more than half of badges are not identified. For this reason meanwhile it is impossible to use search of badges on keywords and to sort them on categories. In the near future the database will be filled by me and it will be possible to use search of badges to the full.

On January, 16th 2010

Trainings in the city of Volokolamsk

On May, 8th 2009
Animated cartoon. the Animated cartoon flesh in a file executed multi-pulti.exe.
On April, 29th 2009
of gallery with a collection of badges. At present, in galleries only a small part of badges, thus not all these badges with names and not everyone have a binding to a category. It is simply trial version of gallery. On April, 28th 2009
It is added by video, on page of video Here you can look gallery of pictures of painters Grafenkovoj V.I. and Grafenkova V.J.
Also to see a remarkable collection of badges.

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